Secure Shredding Services

Secure shredding services and confidential waste treatment

Treating confidential waste differently: finding unique solutions for secure shredding and data protection compliance

Many organisations produce confidential waste, principally in the form of paper. Documents typically carry sensitive information such as customer details and commercially sensitive data which they must destroy to comply with the Data Protection Act.

Traditionally, companies purchase secure shredding services: the paper is baled and exported to a paper mill which produces low-grade paper products.

There, are however, always other ways to view a problem and find solutions. For example, careful segregation by quality of paper can turn a cost into a revenue stream and create better-quality products.

Secure shredding services? I’ll make a note on that…

How one high street bank puts pen to paper, breathing life back into its confidential waste

This ‘big four’ bank has, until relatively recently, followed the traditional route of shredding confidential waste paper and paying for its onward journey to a paper mill.

However, working with managers at its main data and printing centre, VisionRe found a more sustainable solution. We installed a shredder-baler on site to enable staff to shred good-quality paper before it becomes contaminated or mixed with other grades.

The paper is then recycled back into paper notepads which the bank uses for meetings and conferences. (It carries an emblem with the slogan, “I used to be confidential waste”).

This solution closes the loop on this waste stream, eliminating the need to buy notepads, contributing to environmental targets and avoids costs.

This is just one example of why not all secure shredding services are the same. Contact the VisionRe team to start the discussion about how to view waste differently.