Waste as a Resource

Waste as a resource: re-establishing the value of unwanted assets

Every ‘waste’ product is a resource and has a value – either to its current holder or to a new one.
The starting point in understanding waste as a resource is to stream ‘wastes’ by type. This is not a new concept but remains extremely helpful. Sub-streaming wastes, to avoid unwanted contamination, can prove an important next step.

Proof, statistics and progress in viewing waste as a resource

Rescuing ‘wastes’ and restoring their value is a concept which, thankfully, is becoming clearer to an increasing number of people.

However, in any commercial environment it’s no longer enough simply to feel you’re trying to do the right thing: it’s now vital to prove concepts, provide meaningful environmental statistics and track the progress of your initiatives, often across multiple sites. For some audiences you also need to track and report cost savings.

VisionRe Analytics™ gives you easy access to, and reporting on, the statistics behind your unwanted materials’ journeys. This includes details of their onward uses, the carbon offset you have achieved, tonnages saved from landfill and/or sub-optimal materials recycling facilities (MRFs) and cost/revenue analysis.

You can currently request ‘real-time’ statistics from your designated VisionRe consultant. Very soon you will be able to access this information online with secure access.

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