About Us

VisionRe: the environmental consultancy which preserves resources

To help you understand why we’re qualified to offer this service, here’s a bit about us.

Our solutions are all about you, our client, and preserving our shared environment.

We’re an ideas team who also make things happen: scientists and waste management experts who create bespoke solutions for the real world. We enrich our environment (and make the lives of CSR and compliance managers much less onerous) by finding ways to re-use, re-engineer or recycle any material or bi-product which is no longer needed or wanted.

We believe, and continually prove, that every commodity an organisation or individual has is an asset – a resource which, even when no longer wanted, can be of value.

The environmental consultancy proposition not only includes our scientists and consultants: they are backed by systems and databases which we use to continually scour and log opportunities to fulfil needs.

For a more sustainable future contact us to start discussions about your ‘wastes’ and the best way to redistribute them. We look forward to hearing from you.