Commercial waste management services

Specialising in finding and implementing innovative ways to turn would-be wastes into valuable resources. We call it VisionRe.

Commercial waste management services. Resource not waste: VisionRe

Everything your organisation has is an asset. Everything.
Whether you manufacture products, resell, rework or provide a service, every element which passes through your processes is a valuable resource.
This includes components which you currently dispose of as ‘wastes’, or which you only partially recycle or reuse.
It’s a concept which VisionRe is evangelising and proving to relieved compliance teams and board rooms across the UK and beyond.

Resource management, rather than waste management services

It’s an important shift away from the concept of consumerism and towards the notion that, as individuals and organisations, we are simply the current guardians of assets in their present forms. Some refer to it as the circular economy.

The approach resolves and removes challenges faced by corporate social responsibility (CSR) managers. It is eminently sustainable – and often also results in a financial gain. If return on investment is important, ask us about the statistics and take a look at our ‘thumbnail’ examples throughout this website.

In essence, your organisation’s ‘wastes’ are, more accurately, assets which are surplus to your current requirements and which you can now place into the guardianship of those who can make the best use of them. This can include other organisations (which may recompense you financially), charities and community groups.

Wherever your surplus assets go when they leave you, provided they are treated as resources, your organisation will benefit both financially through reduced disposal costs (or indeed positive financial recompense) and through greatly enhanced corporate social responsibility (CSR) performance and public image.

Take a look at Waste Match, part of our bespoke need/spare resource matching solution.

VisionRe: waste management services unlike any other

VisionRe consultants have extensive experience in redirecting surplus assets (formerly known as wastes), backed by computerised systems and databases which help us to match one organisation’s surplus with another entity’s needs.

We often find we can help you not only by providing the answers to your questions – but also by identifying the questions you need to ask. Tell us about your ‘waste’ streams (whether initially pure or mixed component) and we’ll advise you on how it can be re-directed, re-invented or re-fashioned into useful commodities, reducing or completely eliminating the need for landfill.

Share your concerns with us.

Please ask us questions and share your feedback. Together we can turn all ‘wastes’ into valuable resources for today and tomorrow. Don’t wait until the situation has become critical, call or email us for a confidential discussion.

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